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What is Mediation?

Mediation gives divorcing and separated partners the ability to take control over their lives and make informed decisions about their future. Even if they have split, mediation can still be helpful to parents who need to make joint decisions about their children, custody, and support long into the future.


Mediation is where a neutral party (the mediator) guides the parties through communication in order to facilitate settlement or compromise. The mediator cannot make decisions or express opinions about the issue. The mediator helps you and your spouse reach an agreement. Mediation allows divorcing and separated spouses to take control of their lives, and make informed and positive decisions about the future. Even if they are separated, mediation can help them to make joint decisions about their children, custody, and support for the future.

What types of cases are mediated?

Most civil cases can be mediated. This includes cases involving family, landlord tenant, probate and consumer protection. The experts encourage mediation if reconciliation can be achieved before you file for a lawsuit..

Why would I want to use mediation?

Mediation is a way to reach an agreement in a more informal environment than a courtroom. Mediation can lead to a legally binding agreement if both parties agree to it.

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    How do I prepare for mediation?

    You can prepare for mediation before the session. You can get advice from a friend or lawyer about your goals and the compromises you are open to. It is essential to bring any relevant documents to the mediator to help them understand.

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