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Divorcing is never easy, and things get even more complicated if one spouse is a shareholder or owner of a business. When divorcing spouses have a stake in a business, matters regarding the division of marital property become a significant issue. When your financial future is at stake, you’ll want to enlist an experienced business valuation lawyer with the resources and knowledge of Texas case law to provide a credible business valuation.

During divorce proceedings, business valuation depends on well-established guidelines, procedures, and methods that must be adhered to. At Hannah Law, PC, our knowledgeable divorce attorneys are versed in these complex matters. We have decades of experience representing partners and business owners in Friendswood, TX, to get their rightful share of the ownership stake. Our attorneys are equally skilled at litigating and negotiating, so you can count on them to fight for your interests.

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What is a Business Valuation Lawyer?

Business Valuation Lawyer | Friendswood, TX

This is a legal professional who specializes in the legal aspects of divorce proceedings and determining the value of property, including businesses, private real estate, or intellectual properties such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks. Valuating property entails a range of elements with significant legal ramifications, which is why you require a valuation lawyer to ensure things are done in accordance with the law.

In a Texas divorce, particularly a closely held one, a competent business valuation lawyer will follow these three main business valuation approaches:

The Income Approach: the future earning potential of the business is considered when calculating its value. The approach utilizes the financial flow of the organization to convert anticipated future profits into current market value, taking into account likely risks of failure.

The Assets Approach: the value of the company is determined by adding all of its liabilities and assets (tangible and intangible property). After deducting the liabilities from the assets, you and your partner will receive an equal share of the difference.

The Market Approach: In this method, the sale price of the business is determined primarily by analyzing the sale prices of comparable companies. Our attorneys will use the fair market valuation principles in addition to other key factors, such as the organization’s community involvement and customer relations. We will use this strategy if you and your partner decide to sell after terminating your marriage.

Our business valuation attorneys can also factor in non-financial aspects, such as the company’s location and brand name, when calculating its value.

What Information is Used to Determine Value?

The valuation depends on a variety of essential information that we will analyze with the aid of an expert. We work in liaison with a business specialist who will review the business’ accounts and assets, as well as the industry/market and other relevant factors, in order to ascertain the following:

  • Assets Owned by the Business: Reviewing tangible and intangible assets, including machinery, equipment, inventory, patents, trademarks, goodwill, and shares, in order to ascertain their respective and cumulative worth.
  • Debts owed by the business: We will provide you with a rundown of business liabilities so that you can acknowledge their existence and ensure that you and your spouse bear the resulting liability.
  • Business Profitability: We will also evaluate the organization’s profitability by subtracting its current and anticipated future expenses from its current and prospective future earnings to ensure all stakeholders receive their rightful portion.

what information is used to determine value in business valuation in TX

Why Do You Need A Business Valuation Lawyer During a Divorce?

Business Valuation Lawyer in Friendswood, Texas

It is prudent to plan appropriately and think long-term when divorcing from your partner and you co-own a company or multiple of them. As an owner, it is best to establish if the ownership interest partly or exclusively falls under marital assets. Retaining a business valuation attorney ensures that you retain your interests in the company. The attorney will provide legal guidance on how best to carry out the valuation and ascertain that you get accurate results when fighting to safeguard yourself from likely economic losses when dissolving your marriage and splitting marital property.

If you are looking for a skilled family law specialist to oversee the divorce proceedings and ensure you safeguard your interests in the marital property, contact Hannah Law, PC.

How Can A Business Valuation Lawyer Help You?

Every business is different, and so are their valuations. It is integral to have an in-depth knowledge of the methods of valuation, measure of value, and other legal requirements. To ensure you leave nothing to chance, you should enlist the services of a qualified business valuation attorney.

Here’s where they can help:

Business Valuation

We have years of experience valuing businesses through objective and practical analyses. We work together with financial specialists to evaluate your revenue, assets, and market condition to get an accurate valuation. Our certified business valuations can provide valuable assistance in various legal matters, including shareholder controversies, business disputes, and gift and estate matters.

Safeguard Your Interests

This encompasses the application of data analysis techniques, accounting and auditing standards and procedures, business information, financial reporting systems, and benchmarks in order to generate reports that are comprehensible and suitable for trial presentation. Our team is versed in financial forensics because of years of practical experience dealing with similar cases in Friendswood, TX, and will be able to ensure business assets aren’t undervalued.


Given how disputes are bound to occur when splitting property, a business valuation lawyer will help spearhead negotiations. This way, you can be assured that you’ll get a fair settlement for your ownership stake in the company and any future earnings generated.

Consult With Hannah Law, PC To Safeguard Your Interests

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There’s no disputing that a divorce is a life-altering ordeal. This is why it’s important to have the right people by your side advising, guiding, and fighting on your behalf. At Hannah Law, PC, your interests are also our interests. We understand how the division of marital property in a divorce can be complicated. If you co-own a business with your partner and are separating, we can help you get your rightful share and safeguard your financial future.

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