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Facing a child custody dispute can be one of the most challenging periods in a person’s life. At Hannah Law, we are dedicated to supporting individuals through these trying times. Our firm is steadfast in its commitment to navigating the complexities of family law to secure positive outcomes in child custody battles.

What We Offer:

  • Proven Success: Our experience spans a broad spectrum of family law cases, from handling divorces to managing estate planning issues, achieving customer satisfaction of over 97%.
  • Personalized Legal Strategies: Each case is unique, and our approach is customized to align with the distinct needs of your situation, aiming for the most favorable results for your family.
  • Emotional Support: We recognize the emotional toll that family disputes can take and offer compassionate support to guide you through your case.
  • Availability and Dedication: With 24/7 availability, our team provides aggressive representation and is committed to securing the best outcomes possible.


Our team of seasoned family law attorneys in Friendswood is well-prepared to handle every aspect of your divorce and child custody case, ensuring you receive expert legal representation along with necessary emotional support.

Contact our office today at 281-262-1311 to book a consultation with a skilled Friendswood divorce and child custody lawyer. Let us assist you in moving forward to the next chapter of your life with assurance.

Why Choose Hannah Law for Your Child Custody Case

Child custody attorneys in Friendswood discuss family law matters, emphasizing parenting plans in Texas courts.

  • Experienced Attorneys: Our team boasts extensive experience in child custody laws, having successfully represented numerous clients in Friendswood, TX.
  • Personalized Legal Strategies: We detail how our firm customizes its approach to each case, guaranteeing the best possible outcome for both children and families involved.
  • Compassionate Legal Support: We emphasize the emotional support and understanding we provide to our clients throughout their challenging custody disputes.

Our Child Custody Services

Legal Representation in Custody Disputes

Hannah Law delivers both aggressive and compassionate legal representation in child custody disputes, with a steadfast focus on the child’s best interests. Our skilled child custody lawyers in Friendswood, TX are proficient in navigating complex cases, from sole custody challenges to multifaceted family law disputes.

We employ a strategic approach that merges in-depth legal knowledge with an understanding of family dynamics, aiming to achieve outcomes that promote the child’s welfare and family harmony.

Modification of Custody Orders

As life evolves, so can the needs of your child. Hannah Law provides expert assistance in modifying existing custody orders to better match the current life circumstances of your family. Whether changes are needed due to relocation, shifts in parental ability, or the child’s evolving needs, our team works diligently to realign custody arrangements with Texas law, ensuring the child’s best interests are prioritized.

Paternity and Parental Rights

The establishment of paternity is crucial for affirming a father’s parental rights and responsibilities, including custody and visitation. Our Friendswood child custody attorneys offer thorough guidance on the paternity process, from conducting DNA tests to legally recognizing paternity. With a deep understanding of Texas family law, we support fathers in establishing or contesting paternity, safeguarding their rights and defining their responsibilities.

Relocation Issues

Moving with a child introduces a set of legal challenges, especially when existing custody agreements are considered. Our attorneys specialize in addressing relocation concerns, ensuring any move adheres to Texas custody regulations and assesses the impact on current custody arrangements. Our aim is to devise solutions that maintain the child’s connection with both parents, regardless of the challenges that distance relocation may cause.

Enforcement of Custody Orders

When a parent does not comply with custody order terms, it can disrupt the child’s life and damage parental relationships. Hannah Law aids in enforcing custody orders, undertaking necessary legal measures to guarantee compliance. Whether through negotiation or court action, our objective is to uphold the custody agreement, protecting the child’s routine and welfare.

our child custody services at hannah law in TX

How We Approach Child Custody Cases

Friendswood child custody lawyers advocate for sole custody in child custody disputes, focusing on the child's best interests.

At Hannah Law, our approach to child custody prioritizes the welfare of the child above all, championed by experienced Friendswood child custody lawyers. Our goal is to achieve amicable solutions through mediation and negotiation, focusing on maintaining family dynamics and reducing stress for everyone involved.

Our team is adept at leveraging Texas family law to secure arrangements that serve the child’s best interests, whether involving sole or joint custody.

In cases where disputes escalate, we stand ready to litigate, always with the child’s well-being as our utmost concern. Our commitment to taking decisive courtroom action underscores our dedication to defending your rights and ensuring a favorable outcome for your family.

With a balanced strategy of negotiation and litigation, we aim to efficiently and compassionately navigate you through the intricacies of child custody proceedings.

Get Help Today From an Experienced Child Custody Attorney

Choosing Hannah Law means selecting a team committed to effective communication, empathetic understanding, and strategic expertise. We guide you through your family matters with the utmost care, respect, and excellence, ensuring a tailored approach for the best possible resolution.

Call today to schedule a consultation at 281-262-1311.

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