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In some situations, grandparents can exercise their rights to visitation or custody over their grandchildren in Galveston. Hannah Law, PC can help clients navigate the legal process with confidence and is highly skilled at assessing the strengths of grandparent cases. Attorney Jeffrey W. Hannah is available to help you with any legal matter, including a custody, visitation, or neglect case.

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    If the grandparents of your grandchild are going though a divorce, it is not necessary that you immediately apply for visitation. In situations where the parent is not allowed to visit their child often, grandparents may seek visitation aid. If the child’s parent has passed away, grandparent can file a claim.

    You might be worried about your grandchildren’s access. Attorney Jeffrey W. Hannah can help you reach the best possible solution. His mission is to offer any assistance or guidance necessary to ensure that you are able to defend your rights. For more information about Jeffrey W. Hannah and his services, contact him today.

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