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Although it may seem disconcerting to plan for your funeral, it is vital if you wish to make sure your loved ones are prepared for the future. Even if there are no assets to pass on to your children, they most likely do. Your home, car, bank accounts, investments and personal belongings can all be transferred. Who will receive your estate when you die? An estate planning attorney who is experienced can help you plan your passing to ensure your assets are correctly managed.

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It is up to you to make the right decisions while you have the ability. You can trust a team or legal professionals to help you create the right instructions for your property, home, business, and dependents. Estate planning is something that we strongly believe in. No matter your age, whether you have no dependents and are 25 or 45 years old, it’s time for estate planning. Many people don’t prepare for the worst, leaving their family in chaos, with their assets and their finances.

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    You can rely on Hannah Law, PC for guidance and assurance every step of your way. Jeffrey W. Hannah can help determine the value of your property, what you would like to do with it and how we will support you. You can give your family peace-of-mind by organizing your final wishes. Call us now to schedule your consultation.

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