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Professional assistance is available to help you begin and complete your Texas divorce proceedings in Galveston. Jeffrey W. Hannah of the Law Office is a professional who works closely alongside his clients to get them to their desired outcome. To schedule a consultation with the Law Office Jeffrey W. Hannah, please contact us today.

Galveston Divorce

Divorce is a legal procedure that ends a marriage and returns the spouses to their individual status. Texas law requires that minor children must be included in the divorce proceedings. Attorney Jeffrey W. Hannah can help you navigate the process efficiently and quickly. Texas law generally allows for a non-contested divorce to take at most two months.

Jeffrey W. Hannah believes that his clients deserve a compassionate, driven approach to their cases. Although the law is applicable to all, he recognizes that each case is unique. Let him determine the best course for you. Contact us now to set up your first consultation.

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    Common Law Marriage

    A Texas common law marriage, also known by marriage without formalities or informal union, is a legal way for a couple in Texas to wed. Texas law permits a couple to prove their common law marriage by providing evidence that the couple:

    • “Agreed To Be Married”;
    • “After the agreement” they lived together in the same state as husband/wife.
    • “Represented other people that they were engaged”

    Common law marriages, like formal marriages, require a divorce.

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