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Disability Rights

Do you know your rights?

Contact Hannah Law, PC. We fight for those who have been denied their rights under the
American Disabilities Act in the areas of disability access, equal housing and Title II. We seek a
just settlement first, but we are trial-ready when parties fail to accept responsibility. Enjoying a
life without discrimination against disabilities should be your primary focus, let your legal
compensation be ours!

Disability Access

It has been decades since the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed. Why is disability
access often still a problem? Unfortunately, at times, there is still prejudice. Enforcement is
often stigmatized, and problems are ignored. We can help.

Housing Rights

If you face housing discrimination because of a disability identified by the ADA, you need an
advocate. We can provide representation so that you or someone you care about has equal
housing opportunity.

ADA Title II

It is often difficult to be assertive in having your rights under the ADA met, even though these
are legitimate rights. It is essential that state/ local governments support changes that ensure
accessibility to persons with disabilities. Reach out to us today to see how we can help.

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